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Osaka-Style Roll Cake

Cottony soft sponge cake rolled with fresh cream. Our Osaka-style roll cake is made with special recipe to keep the outer skin perfectly browned and it's full of smooth cream which either comes as Matcha or plain cream with fresh strawberry.

Strawberry Roll Cake - $25.75

Matcha Roll Cake - $27

Chiffon Cake

Our chiffon cake literally feels like melting sponge - with a light, moist inner texture and a touch of cream mixed with Japanese Ingredients.

Black Sesame - $31

Kinako Adzuki - $29.5

Matcha - $31

Yuzu - $31


*NEW* Strawberry Chiffon Cake


Baked with ground dried strawberry, strawberry purée, and dried strawberry chunks, giving chiffon a subtle and smooth strawberry flavour.


$ 34

  • All items are subject to 13% HST

  • In-store pickup only

  • Please provide us with the pickup date(Minimum 24-hour is required prior to the pickup)
  • In case of late pickup,  we cannot guarantee the freshness of the cake after 2 days from the original pickup date.
  • Any special request (additional deco, custom writing, etc)must be made at the time of order and there may be additional surcharges.
  • If you are planning to pick up earlier than arranged pickup date, please let us know 24 hours in advance because every cakes are made as late as possible to achieve maximum freshness.
  • All cakes must be refrigerated to ensure fresh texture and flavor. 
  • We strongly recommend to finish the cake within 2 days since picking up to experience the best texture and flavor as we intended.

  • Little Pebbles is not liable for any damages to the cakes and other desserts after pick up.


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