Cannelé Ensemble

Cannelé Ensemble


Cannelé is a French pastry originated from the Bordeaux region of France, where they are a regional pride. They’re often known as textural masterpieces. The burnished crust—lacquered with butter and, traditionally, beeswax—crackles like the outer crumb of a fresh baguette or the torched sugar coating on crème brûlée.. The creamy insides are the most delicate custard, luxurious like pastry cream but with a fine porosity and aroma.

After months of experimenting and developing flavours with unique Japanese-inspired ingredients, we’re proud to present the ‘Cannelé Ensemble’. All of our cannelés are baked freshly using Japanese copper molds (which we purchased from Tokyo) and all natural Ontario beeswax, to create perfect outer texture and the signature sheen.

The Cannelé Ensemble includes;
- Vanilla Rhum (vanilla beans & 8 years aged gold rhum)
- Earl Grey (infused with vanilla earl grey tea)
- Matcha (ceremonial-grade matcha)
- Chocolat (Belgian 70% dark chocolate)
- Coffee (infused with espresso, topped with freshly roasted coffee bean)
- Mont Blanc (traditional Japanese-style chestnut purée)

*Pickup is only available after 2:00 PM.
*Each box will contain 6 different cannelé flavorurs - mixing & matching type of cannelés is not possible.

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  • All items are subject to 13% HST

  • All items are in-store pickup only

  • Please provide us with the pickup date(Minimum 48-hour is required prior to the pickup)

  • For those orders placed with shorter than 48-hour limit pickup time, the orders will be cancelled.

  • Late pickup outside of our open hour will not be possible, and the cannelé will be discarded after 3 days.

  • In case of late pickup, we cannot guarantee the freshness of the cannelé after 2 days from the original pickup date.

  • If you are planning to pick up earlier than arranged pickup date & time, please let us know 24 hours in advance because every cakes are made as late as possible to achieve maximum freshness. (cake may not be ready if you arrive earlier than arranged pickup time)

  • When storing overnight, cannelé should be stored in cool room temperature, with container open to prevent them from getting soft.

  • We strongly recommend to finish the cannelé within 2 days since picking up to experience the best texture and flavor as we intended.

  • Little Pebbles is not liable for any damages to the desserts after the pick up.

  • Any cancellation that is requested less than 24 hours from the pickup time will not be refunded.