Little Japanese cafe in Toronto.

Experience a small piece of Japan at Little Pebbles with our house-made Japanese desserts and specialty coffee.


Japanese desserts crafted in house.

We respect Japanese dessert (which was influenced by European dessert method mainly French) as is - by focusing on ingredients, simplicity and delicate baking methods and bringing out rich, subtle flavour of the recipes. For example, we use Johakuto sugar from Japan to recreate fluffier, moist texture with less sweet flavour and shade-grown Matcha powder from Japan gives richer, subtler flavours to our desserts.   


Brewed to perfection.

We work with well-known local roaster De Mello Palheta, to create perfect blend that's adopted to Kensington Market, and make all of our espresso-based drinks strictly adhering to SCAA standards to create best and consistent Specialty Coffee.


Special menus. Limited offer

Every few days we release special creation - they are only made in small batches which allow us to experiment with different, interesting ingredients.