Assorted Fruit Daifuku Mochi (Half dozen/dozen)

Assorted Fruit Daifuku Mochi (Half dozen/dozen)

from 22.50

Traditional Japanese delicacy made of fresh fruit & sweet red bean anko wrapped in mochigome.

The assorted package is available with a mix of: 
- Strawberry
- Green Grape (New)
- Raspberry
- Blueberry

*Pickup is only available after 11:00 AM.

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  • In case of late pickup, we will keep them in the fridge 1 more days and we cannot guarantee the freshness and texture of the mochi.

  • If you are planning to pick up earlier than arranged pickup date, please let us know 24 hours in advance because every orders are made as late as possible to achieve maximum freshness.

  • We strongly recommend to finish mochi within the same day to experience the best texture and flavor as we intended.

  • Some strawberry mochi could have pieces of strawberry instead of whole strawberry, depending on the shape & size of strawberries.

  • If mochi are not consumed within a same day, we recommend them to be refrigerated up to 1 additional day.

  • Little Pebbles is not liable for any damages to all desserts after pick up.